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Ep 12: “No Broken Wings”, Georgie Beasley - Just Why It Matters

Georgie is a young woman who is beginning to spread her wings to take on life. She talks about overcoming the trials of blindness as she sets out to chase her dreams and what she is learning along the way. Leaving her family home in the country where she grew up, Georgie is not afraid to have big dreams and not afraid to learn how different life in Perth can be.

Ep 11: “Looking Back and Ahead”, Exclusive Interview with Dr. Clare Allen, CEO VisAbility - Just Why It Matters

In this interview with Dr. Allen she prepares to write the next chapter of her career after leading VisAbility for six years, she shares how she got started in her work in the disability sector, the lessons she has learned from people with disability, what she holds dear and why she will keep on doing what she feels called to. Join me in this exclusive interview.

Ep 10: Emmanuel Lee, Beyond Blindess - Just Why It Matters

Emmanuel Lee shares his journey of life which was interrupted, by the onset of blindness, but never halted. His story is characterised by a willingness to take on challenges and turn them into opportunities to develop new strengths which has led him to become a man of many talents.

Ep 9: What makes for a great work environment? Nilesh Makwana, CEO Illuminence - Just Why It Matters

What makes for a great work environment? A place where your ability and performance is considered as primary rather than a known disability. Nilesh shares his guiding  philosophy which informs his every decision concerning building a company which not only has a spirit of excellence but is founded on the high grounds of equal opportunity, co-creation and trust.

Ep 8: Making Apps Work for You, Justin James, Bankwest - Just Why It Matters

In episode 8 of Just Why It Matters, Justin James, Development Manager for Mobile Apps at Bankwest and Kenneth Phua discuss 'Making Apps Work for You'. The rise of smart devices saw our increased reliance on the use of apps and raises the question about the accessibility of this interface for people with a disability.  Listen to Justin James talk about this ever-growing tech space and why Bankwest is devoting energy to its development.

Ep 7: Binaural Sound, Vithya Vijayakumare - Just Why It Matters

In Episode 7 of Just Why It Matters, Vithya Vijayakumare shares how binaural sound can transport the listener to a distant place and offer a completely immersive sound experience (just like standing on a beach facing the ocean’s waves as they break on the shore).

Ep6: Home Safe Home, Sergeant Matthew Sharpe, WA Police - Just Why it Matters

The home should be the safe haven for anyone, perhaps even more so for a person living with a disability. Sargeant Matthew Sharp of the WA Police talks about the common mistakes we can make that compromise home security as well as the simple measures we can take to protect ourselves. Also learn how to deal with threatening situations which may occur outside the home.

Just Why It Matters - Ep 4: “Web Accessibility Camp 2018″, David Masters

Listen to host Kenneth Phua's exclusive chat with David Masters, Director of Corporate Affairs at Microsoft Australia and keynote speaker at the 2018 Web Accessibility Camp. In episode 3 of the series Just Why It Matters, David discusses AI, inclusive design and the future of accessibility.

Just Why it Matters - Ep 3: Davinia Lefroy

Reality Check, Clinical psychologist, Davinia Lefroy is also legally blind and therefore she is perfectly qualified to talk about the role, the importance and the benefits of psychological therapy for people with disabilities. Listen as she explains and shares from the view point of an expert and from her lived experience.

Just Why it Matters - Ep 2: “Best of JohnO”, Jonathan Mills

Jonathan Mills, affectionately known as JohnO, shares his journey from the perspective of a man who loses his 20/20 vision as a young lad to his current positive outlook of life. JohnO works hard, plays hard and best of all, he’s a joy to be with. 

Just Why it Matters - Ep 1: “Making the Case for Self Defense”, Michael Pereira

VisAbility Radio Host Kenneth Phua caught up with VisAbility's Community Activity Centre Coordinator, Michael Pereira to discuss the importance of Personal Safety. Have a listen now!

Just Why it Matters - Ep 0: “Giving Back”, Dr Scott Hollier

VisAbility Radio Host Kenneth Phua chats to Dr Scot Hollier, Digital Access Specialist, on the topic of 'Giving Back'.

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