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VisAbility Annual Review 2019

This is the audio version of VisAbility's 2019 Annual Review. Listen to our welcome from the Chair and Acting CEO, review our financials and treasurer's report, and hear a summary of highlights for VisAbility, Guide Dogs WA and Guide Dogs Tasmania.

Ep 22: “The Young Ones”, Ryan Honschooten - Just Why It Matters

The Young Ones... how different are young people with a vision-impairment from their earlier generations? How has digital technology and new support systems influenced their response to living with blindness and low-Vision? Ryan Honschooten, Youth Support Coordinator at VisAbility, shares his observations and experience from his many years working with children and youths across a wide age-spectrum. We talked about their aspirations, anxieties and other issues which are common phases of growing up plus examining  other aspects peculiar to a youth living without sight.

Ep 21: “You’ve Got A Friend?”, Jane Hannay - Just Why It Matters

You’ve Got A Friend?

Forget relying on social media to make new friends, there are others out there who share the same interests and who may be looking for company to do things together. Face-to-face interaction is loads more fun than “virtual  togetherness” but where do you start? Jane Hannay, a Community Builder at the wildly popular social connector organisation, Befriend, tells us how easy and rewarding it can be. Listen and start connecting with people now.  

Ep 20: “Gratitude”, Kayla Brook - Just Why It Matters

Gratitude… Why being grateful really works out to be the better choice.

People call it an “Attitude of Gratitude” and by other names, but it really is firstly a virtue. So why should you and I be grateful, what can we be grateful for and how do we make it a part of our daily responses to the things that happen, even in those difficult moments?. Kayla Brooke, Employee Experience Officer at VisAbility, shares with us what she has learned about being grateful, how we can make a difference for nearly anyone we meet and help change things for the better.

Ep 19: “Baby, baby here we come!”, Sinead Bryant - Just Why It Matters

Baby, baby here we come! Pregnancy can be both exciting and nerve-wrecking for any woman but what if you are vision-impaired? Sinead Bryant talks about how she discovered that baby was on the way and what she has been doing to prepare for baby Bryant’s birth. She shares some of the comical moments that will become part of her family’s memories along with  what she learned that has helped her experience a beautiful pregnancy despite her vision-impairment. This is one that no woman will want to miss.

Ep 18: Business Monologue - Just Why It Matters

Ever thought of minding your own business when traditional employment isn’t quite working?
Are you running into roadblocks on the traditional employment routes!? I would like to suggest taking some time to consider starting your very own business.
In this monologue Kenneth Phua challenges you to take stock of the skills and talents which you possess, regardless of what field of work it came from or what direct relevance these seem to have presently, and honestly assess if there might be something which could carve out an alternative source of income. Even your experience of disability can play into this - a surprising card that just might work in your favour. You will never know until you give it a go.

The Blind Argument – Episode 7 “Accepting sight loss”

Many people naturally find it hard to talk about the loss of their vision. Each individual will accept their disability at different stages.

How much should people know about your vision impairment and does it inevitably label you, so it may preclude you from social events?

In this latest edition of The Blind Argument, Clinical Psychologist Davinia Lefroy and Youth Support Officer Ryan Honschooten talk about acceptance and disclosure of vision impairment through their own lived experiences.

They look at it from a parent’s perspective as well as an individual one and discuss whether you should mention it in situations such as applying for a job or talking to someone new over a phone.

The Blind Argument – Episode 6 “Accessibility – what does it mean?”

It’s a word which has so many meanings and which is being used more and more in everyday life - we’re talking accessibility.

But what is accessibility and why is it so important? Accessibility comes in many forms and helps us to lead independent lives.

In this latest edition of The Blind Argument, Clinical Psychologist Davinia Lefroy and Youth Support Officer Ryan Honschooten talk about what accessibility means to them.

From Ryan’s frustrations to an app which claimed to be accessible, but wasn’t, and Davinia’s experience of travelling with a travel pass on public transport out of state, they mull over accessibility and inclusivity issues.

The Blind Argument - Episode 5 “Achieving independence”

We’re all being told how beneficial it is to be your own independent person, but it's easy to fall into the trap of relying on others.

How do you feel if you have to ask for help such as asking for directions to the bathroom? It’s natural not to want to seek assistance, because you may feel that you are burdening others.

In this latest edition of The Blind Argument, Clinical Psychologist Davinia Lefroy and Youth Support Officer Ryan Honschooten discuss ways we can achieve
independence through their own personal experiences and how best to deal with those situations which may prove challenging.

Ep 17: “Anticipation”, Peter Renzullo - Just Why It Matters

“Anticipation” … Don’t Miss this movie coming out in August.

Peter Renzullo’s 112-minute feature film premieres in Perth on 11 August and on this episode Peter spoke about his experience in making this movie. He is a musician, a sound recording expert, a film-maker and also a legally blind person. So who says you have to be sighted to make a movie huh?

Ep 16: “Look What’s Coming Out of the Wood”, William Ford & Reg Pollan - Just Why It Matters

Look What’s Coming Out of the Wood… They make everything from bread-cutting boards. Coffee tables and wine-racks. These men and ladies are making furniture and having loads of fun, end yes they are all vision-impaired. Listen to William Ford and Reg Pollan talk about how it all comes together.

Ep 15: A Few Thoughts about “Just Why It Matters”

A  Few Thoughts about  “Just Why It Matters”

There are no two identical blind people. Each has his or her own aspirations, struggles, interests and yes even  their own quirks. That’s why I am sharing some of my own on this episode when I pull away part of the curtain to tell you somethings about myself. Kenneth Phua, host of “Just Why It Matters” speaks candidly in a monologue.

Ep 14: “Brain Injury and Blindness.. what you need to know”, Donna Lindop - Just Why It Matters

Brain Injury and Blindness… what you need to know.

Can an injury to the brain result in blindness or a permanent vision impairment? What is the difference between a traumatic brain injury and an acquired brain injury? Is blindness caused by a brain injury necessarily the same as that linked to the health of the eye? Learn more by listening to this conversation with Occupational Therapist Donna Lindop. 

Ep 13: Making Education Accessible for Students with a Vision Impairment, Laura Hawkins - Just Why It Matters

Making Education Accessible for Students with a Vision Impairment. There are challenges, no doubt, but with the expanded knowledge in pedagogy developed particularly to meet the needs of people with vision impairment, opportunities for young children as well as those moving on to higher learning are becoming more accessible. Listen to Laura Hawkins, a psychologist, as she explains some of the challenges and break-through's in this field of education.

Ep 10: Emmanuel Lee, Beyond Blindess - Just Why It Matters

Emmanuel Lee shares his journey of life which was interrupted, by the onset of blindness, but never halted. His story is characterised by a willingness to take on challenges and turn them into opportunities to develop new strengths which has led him to become a man of many talents.

Annual Review 2017

Listen here to the VisAbility Annual Review 2017 and enjoy the stories of the past year.

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