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A Fox Called Sorrow by Isobelle Carmody

November 8, 2016

Not since C.S. Lewis have we seen such enthralling fantasy tales for younger readers - the Little Fur books are destined to become classics of their genre. Extraordinary writing, captivating characters, enchanting stories - these books are examples of the highest quality literature for children anyone can imagine, an immense achievement from the master of the genre. Stories with universal, global appeal. They will captivate readers all over the world with their timeless, fairytale feel. Written and read by Australia's most highly acclaimed writer of fantasy for young people. Book 2 in the Legend of Little Fur series of stories full of magic and wonder, of unforgettable characters and exciting adventures. "Little Fur is an endearing little creature ... the novel reads as a gentle fable that children from eight to 10 will enjoy.

Daisy 2.02:

Narrator:Isobelle Carmody
Genre: Fantasy fiction