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Ep 1: Live - Live, Play, Work with AT Chat & VisAbility

August 21, 2018

Episode One of the Live, Work, Play series brought to you by AT Chat from the Independent Living Centre WA and VisAbility. This episode is called Live, and focuses on how you can host a party, evening drinks or barbeque at home. Listen to how assistive technology (AT) can make you the perfect host. 

In this episode, hear suggestions and ideas from expert assistive technology user Zel Iscel who was born blind and VisAbility Occupational Therapist Karen Titheridge. Hosted by AT Chat’s Danielle Loizou-Lake this fun and light-hearted episode will provide you with low cost AT insights, ways to use apps and how to entertain using AT. 

Links to assistive technology mentioned in the show:

PenFriend 2 Labeller

Sunbeam Bread Slicing Guide

Superlux Florescent Equipoise Lamp or Daylight triple Bright Lamp (both of these are clamp-on options) 

Bump-Ons Adhesive Indicators or Touch Dots (these are tactile markers for kitchen appliances)

Envision App: ELI 

Seeing AI App

Be My Eyes App

Tactile ruler

Tips for making cocktails

General Liquid Level

Braille board games