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Secrets Mothers Keep - Talking Book Collection

February 5, 2018

Title: Secrets Mothers Keep
Author: Linda J Bettenay
Narrator: Jim Malcolm
Genre: Detective and Mystery mystery, Crime stories, Australian Fiction
Note: Sexual Content, Graphic Violence
Date Published: September 2016

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Summary: A brutal murder occurs on an isolated farm in the 1920's in Western Australia and the victim's wife and children are violently abused, scandalising the whole country. The killer has no apparent motivation but admits his guilt and the abused wife has to rebuild her shattered life. Secrets Mothers Keep traces how three lives are entwined. A young English boy with learning difficulties and the precursors of mental illness, learns to cope with his 'black moods' and poor social skills. He faces numerous challenges and finds support and strategies that enable him to survive. Finally an event makes him crack.